Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Discussion Blog

Who will win the NBA finals?

This year the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors will be playing a rematch  in the NBA Finals, with both teams being the number one seed in their conference we should see a very close series. The Warriors  ended the year with the best record in NBA history with an astonishing 73-9 record. After coming back from a 3-1 deficit in the Western Conference Finals to the Oklahoma City Thunder the Warriors aim for back to back championships. Golden State may have the advantages statistically by leading the playoffs in average points and assists per game while also being second in steals, not to mention they have the back to back and the only unanimous MVP in NBA history Stephen Curry.

While the Warriors have Steph Curry the Cavaliers have arguably one of the greatest players of all time, Lebron James. Lebron and the Cavaliers dominated the Eastern Conference playoffs as they swept the Detroit Pistons and the Atlanta Hawks in the first and second round while only losing  2 games to the Toronto Raptors in the Eastern Conference Finals leaving them with a 12-2 record in the playoffs. Having a healthy Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving will be a key factor in the finals match up this year.  Kyrie only playing in one game in the NBA Finals last year and Love missing the entire series had a huge impact on the series last year.

Both teams are extremely talented but I think the Cavaliers win the series in 7 games. The Cavaliers will prove to be too much for the Warriors to handle on offense and Lebron will give Cleveland the championship they deserve.  

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Best News

Honestly I think satire is one of the greatest ways to receive some of your news. I mean it's obviously more of the most biased news out there. But it also is a way to learn the news in a completely different way. The people making satire don't exactly have to worry about being professional, and can fill in most of the cracks in the news. They can basically say whatever they want without getting in trouble.

My favorite example of satire is the John Oliver show where he talks about the death penalty. He doesn't really face the same questions as everyone else, and he adds a sense of humor into the subject which can lighten the mood about such a serious subject. That is very helpful for many people because it's easier to make your decision on what your opinion is if you don't feel pressured or judged. A lot of what he does is show what other people are saying about the topic and sorta make fun of them or add to what they are saying. It's a completely different way to receive credible news.

It kind of amazes me while I watch that episode that he is making people laugh about the death penalty. Now it's not a funny subject of course, but if you get your news like that and you watch the news, theres not much you don't know just because it's pretty much the other half of the news. The questions no one wants to answer, and the criticism no one wants to make, they can do it. News sources like fox can't say things like John Oliver can because they will probably lose their jobs. So they stay strict to certain facts and are also very biased but you just don't notice.

So I suppose when I say that satire is one of the greatest ways to get your news I mean that in the way as, if you are receiving different types of news than the satire is going to be the one that fills in the cracks and gives you the most unknown information, but you need a source of news that is straight forward also.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

What does your news say about you

Over the past ten days I have been viewing a news source I have never used before, I had been
looking at the news source L.A times. While viewing this source I found that it had some bias, L.A times was also toward the liberal side of things. They were always be open to new ideas and almost pushing out the old ideas, which I liked. A study done at UCLA showed that L.A times was one of the most liberal news sources of 20 major news sources chosen for the study. L.A times is also the 15th most popular news source in the country with an estimated 32,500,000 viewers per month so they have a huge impact among their viewers. It’s important where you get your news, it says something about the type of views you have. 

I think everyone should try and see both sides of things, so finding the least bias new source possible is what I would look for. It’s also very important to pay attention to the news, the news informs you about the positive and negative things going on in your area and around the world. The news however, is mostly negative. The reason we love bad news so much is because of how our amygdala reacts to bad news, the amygdala is our danger detector so once we hear of something bad it registers in our brain to be a danger. This is then stored within your amygdala for us to try and keep ourselves safe. So then we are kept in this negative state of mind that keeps our mind on alert because of the dangers around us today, Another thing  people also love to hear on the news is news about entertainment.

News obviously has  direct influence on people who listen or watch it. News can change the way you think, it tells you about what’s hot and what’s not. News controls society, they choose what you see. Large corporations like Disney and Comcast own more smaller companies than you think. In my opinion the news is something that should be much more local based, however sometimes that can cause problems with coverage due to the financial situations of a company.